The Harbor Roofing Way

At Harbor Roofing our roof replacement model can be summed up in 3 phrases, low-volume, high-quality, & fair pricing. The owner of Harbor Roofing, Todd Workman, is hands-on involved in every roof replacement and has made it his mission to be known as most reputable roofing contractor in Riverview FL. He is on-site at every roof replacement and has a stringent quality-control process which includes inspecting all the materials to ensure our suppliers are delivering only the best products. No contractor returns, no bundles of shingles that have had their corners bumped by forklifts, no bent drip-edge metal, and no warped plywood. We include little upgrades that many contractors exclude like metal flashing in the valleys, bullet boots instead of lead boots, factory painted vents, properly maximizing your attic ventilation, and many other little upgrades that make a major difference as your roof ages. We have a saying here at Harbor Roofing, “The little details make a huge difference.” We are married to your roof with our warranty, and our reputation. We would rather spend the time and money upfront to ensure you have the absolute best roof possible. This saves us from having to come and fix your roof later on down the road, and it protects our reputation which is vital in the roofing industry.

Harbor Roofing Roof Replacement Riverview Credentials

At Harbor Roofing we don’t just install roofs, we install complete roofing systems that are specifically engineered to work together. NO FRANKENSTEIN ROOFS ALLOWED ON HARBOR ROOFING JOBS! At Harbor Roofing we primarily install the GAF Lifetime Roof System and the Owens Corning Total Protection Roof System. Our experience has proved to us that GAF & Owens Cornings are both tier-1 manufacturers when it comes to quality, customer service, and honoring their warranties. Harbor Roofing is both GAF Certified and Owens Corning Preferred, designations that are held by less that 5% of roofing companies in Riverview and in the country. These designations allow us access to better warranties, lower prices, and streamlined connections to manufacturer representatives. At Harbor Roofing we also have an A+ Rating with the West Florida Better Business Bureau, have an authentic 5-Star review rating, and are members of the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce.

Harbor Roofing Roof Replacement Crew

At Harbor Roofing our roofing foreman and roofers have all been working together as a team on roof replacements in Riverview for nearly a decade, and have been working with Todd Workman (the owner) just as long. Everyone on our roofing team has a role and knows exactly what to do when we show up to the job. Our roofing crews have been seasoned, resulting in a well oiled machine made up of roofers who work well together, care about the quality of the roofs they install, and care about the reputation of our company. Everyone on your roof is an expert in their craft, and understands that Harbor Roofing has high expectations for their workmanship, and the customer services they provide. We don’t just have the experience, we have the social cohesion and ethics required to provide you with the best roof replacement in Riverview FL.

Harbor Roofing has partnered with Greensky to provide affordable fast and easy financing for your roof. Simply click on the apply button and you should have a decision is seconds.

There are many factors that play into the approval. In general we have experienced that Greensky requires a 650 credit score or higher. The loan is unsecured so the interest rate is quite good by today’s standards. Please remember to include all household income, not just your income, to get the best results.


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