Harbor Roofing was founded in 2020 by Todd Workman with a goal of challenging the status quo that has taken hold of the current roofing industry. Coming from a roofing family and working in roofing since 1998, Todd has decades of experience working many facets in the industry and has seen the good and the bad of how the industry has evolved. Todd recognized the need for a change and founded Harbor Roofing to lead the way.


Here at Harbor Roofing we have a stringent hiring process and employee mobility strategy that truly differentiates Harbor Roofing from the rest. We hire only the best, compensate our employees fairly, and ensure that they have a vested interest in our company, and therefore a vested interest in the workmanship & care our customers receive. At Harbor Roofing we hire only the best, promote from within, invest heavily in morale, and provide employees with a vision of upward mobility that leads to eventual ownership in Harbor Roofing. Our strategy keeps our employees passionate about the company they work for and the customers we serve.


Harbor Roofing has deep seeded roots in the roofing industry, and in the Tampa Bay Area. Todd Workman, the founder of Harbor Roofing was first introduced to roofing in 1989 at the age of 8 when his mother married Tim Hutchinson, a hard-working, honest, and humble roofer who started his career in 1976. Tim worked extremely hard, to the point of injury and exhaustion roofing in the Florida heat. Daily Tim would perform some of the most labor-intensive work in the country and bring home just enough money needed to get by. Although this was a tough time financially, many positive memories and lessons were knowingly, and unknowingly being taught to the Workman kids.

In 1992, Tim earned his roofing license and opened A Breeze Roofing in Oldsmar FL. Later that year in August of 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida. Tim spent the next couple of years roofing in Miami during the week and driving home to Tampa for the weekends. This period would play a pivotal role for the Workman/Hutchinson family that would lead to the founding of Code Engineered Systems, & Harbor Roofing. While working in Miami Tim Hutchinson met Russell Dodson, who would later marry Todd’s sister, and open one of the most recognized & reputable roofing companies in Tampa Bay.

In 1998 at the age of 17 Todd jumped on his first roof and worked alongside Tim & Russell for the next 5 years installing roofs throughout the Tampa Bay area. Tim & Russell both trained and mentored Todd teaching him about quality workmanship, and sound business practices. Amongst the hundreds of roofs they installed together, Todd took part installing several roofs for Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), the cedar roofs on the historic buildings at the Cracker Country Exhibit, and many other notable roofs throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

In 2001 Todd took a break from roofing and joined the Marine Corps following 9-11. After being honorably discharged, Todd earned a B.S. in Finance from the University of South Florida. The leadership & business skills he learned in the Marines & business school would complement the trade skills he learned while roofing alongside Tim & Russell. In 2011 Todd jumped back into the roofing industry full-time, working for Code Engineered Systems. Over the years at Code Engineered Systems, Todd has worn many hats and has played a vital role in growing the company into the roofing company it is today. In 2020 while still working heavily with Code, Todd founded Harbor Roofing. Todd wanted to take the history, experience, and skills he developed with Tim & Russell, and use them to create something of his own. At Harbor Roofing we have a sincere love for our roots, our history, and our community. We never forget where we came from, and we are ready to build an even richer history for our community, employees, and children to remember, and to be proud of.